This video series and website has been developed for survivors of sexual violence and the people who are supporting themWhen someone experiences sexual violence, it is never their fault. No matter what the victim was wearing, what they said, and what actions they took, no one deserves to experience sexual violence and harassment. Survivors deserve compassion, support, and time to heal. We hope this video series and website resource helps to guide you through both community-based and legal options available to you. We are glad you have found us.


This introductory video answers the questions: “What is sexual violence?” and “How do I know if what I experienced is violence?” By exploring these questions, this video provides a clearer understanding of sexual violence and consent, so that survivors can feel informed and empowered.

Medical Services

This video provides an overview of the medical services available to survivors of sexual violence. The video gives detailed information about what to expect when accessing medical services and possible options for health care so individuals can choose which options are best for them.

Police Services

This video contains information about the process of reporting an incident of sexual harm to police services, and the different options available if you do.

Victim Services

This video looks at local and regional victim services and the important role each plays in providing confidential support and information for survivors of sexual violence. These services work together with individuals in all decision making before, throughout and after involvement with the criminal justice system to ensure that the survivor is being heard & their needs are being met.

Court Services

The criminal justice system can be confusing and intimidating and many people have little experience with, or knowledge of, the system. This video provides information about what to expect when charges have been laid, including support from the Victim Witness Assistance Program and the Crown Attorney’s Office.

Counselling Services

Survivors of sexual violence and relationship or domestic violence have access to several free options for counselling services, including individual and group support. This video lists local counselling services for survivors of all genders and sexual orientations including services for children and youth.

How to Support a Survivor

When supporting someone who is a survivor of sexual violence, harassment, or relationship violence, it is important to respond with empathy. This video suggests some helpful phrases and reminders when supporting someone who has experienced trauma and violence.